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Read the letter of support my 18 year old son wrote for his district councillor

by Bridget Smith on 9 May, 2017

“As a young adult, voting is one of the most important decisions we are able to make in order to shape our local community and country. It gives us the ability to shape social agenda and influence key decisions being made that will affect our lives. This can range from economic and environment policies to health, civil liberties and education.
Politicians are aware of which social categories voted at each election and they are more likely to support initiatives that are popular among groups with the highest voter turnout. For people our age, it is vital we get our voice heard by turning out to vote and voicing our political opinions. You have as significant a part to play in the way this country is governed as anyone else.
As an 18 year old student, preparing to begin my University life and then career, there are several core social and political issues which are particularly relevant to me. Personally, the most important issues are to support the most vulnerable in society and to have an exceptional level of education for all. Coupled with this, we need stronger hospitals and public services in order to develop and stabilize our economy. I also believe Britain has a significant role to play in reducing world carbon emissions. In order to achieve this, we need more investment in renewable energy schemes – not only will this show Britain leading from the front and setting an example, but will create employment opportunities and economic growth. These are all issues which the Liberal Democrats have pledged to address.
Sebastian Kindersley has huge experience working in local government, and has an exceptional understanding of the balance between South Cambs being a driving force for the national economy, whilst keeping it a pleasant and vibrant place to live. I have known Sebastian for the majority of my life and am absolutely confident that he will continue to listen to and act upon to the wishes of young people in our society today.”

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