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Press Release From Bridget Today:Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Bridget Smith Publicly Lambasts Shailesh Vara MP for School Hustings No Show

by Bridget Smith on 18 May, 2017

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for NW Cambridgeshire, Bridget Smith, publicly criticised Shailesh Vara MP for not showing up to a hustings organised by Nene Park Academy for their 6th form students. Bridget publicised his absence when she went on BBC Cambridgeshire later that morning. She subsequently said “Mr Vara needs to consider what his absence looked like to the very engaged and politically minded young people who I, the UKIP and Labour candidates had the privilege of talking to. There is no doubt that they were very disappointed not to have the sitting MP present to defend the manifesto which his party released that morning. Is he so very confident of success on June 8th that he does not need to trouble himself to attract the young vote? That is a dangerous game to play and one which may well come back to bite him”.

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