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These are my three priorities for NW Cambridgeshire

by Bridget Smith on 10 May, 2017

BUSINESS – I will use my experience of economic development to encourage the Inward Investment which the area needs to secure local jobs for local people. This means attracting new business and new industries to fill the empty premises; it means training people locally to fill the jobs and it means providing modern apprenticeships for young people.

I will use my understanding of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ to attract new high tech businesses into NW Cambridgeshire attracted by the cost effective facilities, the good transport links, cheaper housing and access to the vibrant youth of the area who are keen to “get their teeth into” the new industries.

COMMUNITY – Everything works better as a result of strong community spirit. All my experience tells me that getting people to work together to do things to help themselves leads to less crime, safer streets, cleaner environments and happier and more engaged residents. The young people of villages where I have worked are engaged in positive activity and are respectful and respected. But communities have to have the resources to help themselves and high quality community facilities in which things can happen. I have a track record of delivering innovative solutions which deliver stronger and more resilient communities.

SUSTAINABILITY – I want to live in a world that will carry on supporting my children and your children and we cannot do that if we have used up all our natural resources, and damaged our climate to the point at which there is no way back. I will draw on my wide experience in the field of sustainability to promote sustainable transport, the uptake of renewable energy and push for improvements to the existing housing stock to make it less environmentally damaging and cheaper to run.

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