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Meet the candidate events in Peterborough and St Neots

by Bridget Smith on 10 May, 2017

Bridget, Lib Dem Candidate for North West Cambridgeshire, last night launched her General Election campaign with speeches in Peterborough and St Neots.

She talked about the importance of a Brexit deal based on facts and not fictions, “People voted for Brexit but they didn’t vote for price rises and fewer jobs. Everyone has a right to know how much any deal is going to cost them”.

Bridget received enthusiastic responses from audiences when she promised to use her knowledge of the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’ to secure local jobs for local people by levering business and industry into the constituency, attracted by good quality premises, affordable housing and good transport links. She highlighted the need to train young people locally for the new 21st century employment market.

She talked passionately about the role of education and the need for adequate funding, high quality schools and motivated and valued staff. She spoke also of her vision to create strong communities with state of the art community facilities for everyone. “ Strong communities mean less crime, cleaner streets and happier and more engaged residents. I have achieved this in my own village and I can do it again in NW Cambridgeshire”

Bridget plans to take this message of a return to truth and kept promises across the constituency over the next few weeks but acknowledges it is a huge geographic area. “We are going to be doing a lot of miles!” she said, “but it will be worth it to prove to people that we can do so much better than the current government”.

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